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Why invest in a property in Sardinia today?

Buying a house in Sardinia can be a great deal

Many dream of buying a house in Sardinia .
There are many reasons that can lead people to want a property on the island: having a second home for your holidays in a wonderful place, start a new life in a welcoming region with less frenetic rhythms, make an investment for the present and for the future.

And it is the real estate investment which pushes many to evaluate the purchase of a property in Sardinia.

So why invest in Sardinia?

  • You will always have a house available for your holidays and those of your loved ones, without having to worry every year to find the solution that best suits your needs. You will no longer have to stress and waste time booking in advance and also risk incurring nasty surprises such as arriving in a place that does not comply with what is advertised or insured.
  • You can protect your savings from market fluctuations: buying a property is in fact, still today, one of the safest and most lasting solutions to invest your money . It is true that the real estate sector is subject to periodic crises, but houses are real assets that will always be needed and which will always be in demand.
  • You can have a guaranteed secondary source of income by renting your property to a third party. The island is undoubtedly a very popular destination both for many Italian tourists but also above all for many foreign people who every year look for a dream location to spend their holidays. The expense that you will incur for the purchase of the property will therefore soon be amortized thanks to the rents that will never fail. And even if the purchase is financed with a mortgage, the rental income will be able to pay the agreed installments in full or in part.
  • The possible sale of your property , thanks to the increase in its value, it will ensure you a very important economic return.
  • Buying a house in Sardinia can also be an investment for your future , when once you reach the pension you can think of leaving the frenetic pace of many Italian cities to immerse yourself completely in the quiet of Sardinian nature.

So owning a property on this beautiful Italian island is not just a boast but a real deal . For this reason these real estate investments must be carefully evaluated with the help of professionals in the sector. Brilas, the Olbia real estate agency, will be able to provide you with fundamental help to carry out all the necessary assessments and to direct you to the location and the most profitable solution suitable for your budget.

Some tips for your real estate investment in Sardinia

As we have seen, buying a house in Sardinia can undoubtedly be an excellent investment. But what should be considered in order not to make mistakes and run into bad business?
When you have to buy a property in Sardinia, or in any other location, you have to pay attention to some fundamental aspects:

  • Evaluate the appropriateness of the property price
  • Check the documentation relating to the property and its conditions
  • Be aware of all the phases, documents and expenses necessary for the sale of the property property
  • Evaluate all possible bonuses, deductions or tax breaks available at the time of the sale

If you decide to rely on a real estate agency , it will itself carry out many of these assessments and checks, to avoid unnecessary stress and worries, but it is good that you are aware of all the activities and all the documentation that must be prepared to carry out these operations correctly.

Evaluating the appropriateness of the cost of the property

There are several factors that can be evaluated to understand whether the price of a house for sale is appropriate or not. The main ones can be:

  • the size of the property
  • the area in which it is located and the exposure
  • the type of structure (single villa , two-family villa, apartment, penthouse, farm ...)
  • the conditions and maintenance of the building
  • the energy class and certification
  • the presence or not the car park
  • proximity to places of natural or commercial interest (proximity to the sea, the city center, commercial facilities, the port, the airport, a hospital ...)
  • the presence of additional structures inside or outside the building (lifts in the case of apartments, swimming pool, direct access to the sea ...)
  • the average price per square meter of the area

Check the documentation relating to the property and its conditions

Before buying a property it is necessary to inquire and evaluate both the regularity of the documents relating to the house, both the structural conditions of the building .
The documents that the seller must provide are:

  • the deed of provenance, or the public deed that determines the legal ownership of the property
  • the building permit, or the permit granted by a government body to build the property
  • the construction project approved by the Municipality

For the assessment of the structural conditions it is necessary to rely on expert technicians who, thanks to careful inspections, can identify any problems.
In particular, an analysis must be made of:

  • walls, flooring and fixtures
  • electrical system
  • plumbing

Be aware of all phases, documents and the expenses necessary for the purchase and sale of the property

The sale of a property is certainly a complex operation from several points of view: operational, organizational, legal and bureaucratic. This is why we recommend that you rely on an agency like Brilas that can help you manage all the documents and deeds necessary to buy a house in Sardinia.

In general, the sale is divided into three phases:

  • Purchase proposal
  • Preliminary contract or compromise
  • Deed

The purchase proposal it is a close agreement between the parties which aims to protect the interests of both parties. This is the buyer's declaration of wanting to buy a certain asset at a certain price. To be valid, the proposal must be accompanied by the payment of a deposit. Warning: this document does not oblige the seller not to evaluate other offers.

The preliminary contract , also called compromise , is a real contract that binds both the seller and the buyer and obliges them to enter into the final contract. At this stage the seller will no longer be able to evaluate other offers: the property will be reserved exclusively for the buyer.

In the compromise it is necessary to insert the real estate booklet which is a real card identity of the house. It contains various data such as: cadastral data, previous changes of ownership, any mortgages, condominium fees (if it is an apartment), common parts and amnesties.

The deed is the real deed of sale drawn up and signed by a notary. This document lists all the elements necessary to identify the house and the agreed price.

To draw up the deed there are various notary fees to which the payment of some taxes must be added.
The expenses are proportional to the sale price and vary according to the type of seller (private or company).

Evaluate all possible bonuses, deductions or tax breaks available at that time

We recommend to inform you about all the possible tax breaks, bonuses or deductions provided at the time of signing the deeds so that you can benefit from them in your real estate operation.

If you decide to invest in Sardinia, Brilas will be able to follow you in all phases that we have just analyzed, simplifying both the search for the most suitable property for you, and all the negotiation and conclusion phases of the sale.
Discover all the services offered by Brilas and rely on our expert ten-year tenure in the real estate market.